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Welcome to Winter Spring Normandes

In 2002, we were searching for a breed of beef cattle to become involved with. We had not owned cattle for a number of years and missed them. Our criteria included:

  • Animals that were good grazers and could sustain themselves efficently on a pasture and hay diet
  • Good milk production so calves would not have to be creep fed
  • Easy breeding and calving
  • Docile temperment

We purchased several half Normande steers from a Lancaster County farmer and then drove to Wisconsin to pick up a few purbred heifers. We have never looked back.

Heifer Calf
Heifer Calf

Normandes are medium sized cattle with colorful haircoats. Most of them are tricolored: red, black and white. Some are black and white. They are hardy animals and thrive on a variety of climats and weather conditions.

Normandes are a true dual purpose breed; bred in France since the 18th century for both milk and meat production. Their meat is tender and has fat spread throughout the muscle tissue (marbling) with little waste fat between the muscle and skin.

We now have between 40 and 50 Normandes and are offering a variety of animals for sale.

Call, write or e-mail for more information on the breed or for an appointment to visit the farm.

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